Monday, April 02, 2007

Why Blue Green Algae Makes Me Tired

"Actually, the algae isn't tiring me. I'm tired of the people trying to sell it to me. Most blue-green algae is sold in a multi-level marketing scheme through Cell Tech. Sellers see me, a physician, as a potentially lucrative franchise to sell algae for them. So I get two or three sales calls every week (once as many as twenty). Never mind that selling algae to make myself money is a conflict-of-interest and an unethical ploy already encouraged by pharmaceutical companies ("The only solution I see for your diagnosis, Mr. Smith, is blue-green algae, which I happen to have right here..."). I've tried the algae and it doesn't do much for me. The cost/benefit ratio is poor. Nevertheless, in the past three years I've received over 400 phone calls, dozens of tapes in the mail, and had people barge into my office and home, all selling algae...

Blue green algae is a lot like the Kombucha tea - of dubious benefit and full of potential danger. But while most Kombucha is distributed free as an act of caring and love, Cell Tech made $50 million off its algae last year, and 54¢ of every dollar's worth of algae goes to sellers as a commission. I realize this article may anger some people distributing blue-green algae. I'm sorry. But I hope they'll stop asking me to buy and sell the stuff..."

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