Friday, November 05, 2004

Kerry won by Greg Palast
Interview with Greg Palast (starting at 00:06:00)

Was the Ohio Election Honest and Fair?

Election judge's experience

official Ohio Secretary of State web site on the 2004 elections

Global monitors find faults [in 2004 US elections]

Voter Suppression Rap Sheet

Discrepancies between electronic voting machine totals

Bug in electronic voting machines "subtracts votes after the absentee tally hit 32,500 -- a ceiling put in place by the software makers"

Exit polling discrepancies
Another take

How exit polling works

The Associated Press reports on electronic voting machine miscounts

North Carolina electronic voting machine tallies 11,283 too many votes for Bush

Voting irregularities in seven Southern states

Running tally of voting machine malfunctions

Florida numbers vs 2000

Voting in 2004 was more problematic than in 2000

Republican Senator and former Senate Ethics Director resigned after revelations that he owned the largest electronic voting machine company ES&S

Much more on voting fraud in 2004 election

Finally Democrats demand a little action

Nader challenges electronic voting machine counts in NH

"This chart makes the trend obvious. In states with paper ballots and audit trails, the exit polls accurately predicted the vote results. In states using electronic machines, the vote results were distorted in favor of Bush."

What really happened

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