Friday, November 12, 2004

"Facticity denotes the conditions according to which one’s possibilities are determined and limited by one’s circumstances, one’s “being-in-the world.” [Heidegger's] interest in scholasticism focuses on categories of living language that have no correspondence with objects in the world, like marks of privation and negation and categories for non-existent entities like “Nothing”... the empty word “being” figures at the heart of questions about the generation of sense in everyday human experience.

At this stage the problem of what [Heidegger] calls “the hermeneutics of facticity” lies in the self-reflexive puzzle according to which facticity must be considered, already, as a kind of hermeneutics. Everyday experience already articulates and interprets its world, so that any attempt to interpret facticity would be an attempt to interpret interpretation..."

Heidegger's Life and Work

11:26 PM
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