Sunday, February 16, 2003

"Of all the (31) languages I've been exposed to in this shootout , I've been most impressed with Ocaml, for a number of reasons. It wasn't the easiest for me to pick up the basics, but it was far from the hardest. I think that Ocaml's multi-paradigm features (Functional, Imperative and OO) make it a very practical and general purpose language. I'm generally impressed with its ease of use, speed, and the error detection of the compiler (due to its nice typing system). I also think it is great that Ocaml offers both a bytecode compiler and a native code compiler (for some platforms). Ocaml's support for Unix, objects and threads are all a big plus for me. Ocaml's compilers are also regarded as being very, very fast, which is nice for a programmer, as it reduces the edit/compile/debug cycle. The fact that it does garbage collection, and (in my tests) it produces code comparable in speed to C/C++ makes it very valuable to me as a programmer. Speed, elegance and programming safety. What more could a programmer ask for? Out of all the languages in the shootout, I can see Ocaml becoming my main development language of choice."

8:46 AM
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