Sunday, November 03, 2002

"CONS is a replacement for MAKE. It is not compatible with make, but it has a number of powerful capabilities not found in other software construction systems, including make."
Opt "is a subroutine library which facilitates the convenient input of parameters to a C or C++ programs"
gitty-gitty "is able to generate an already compilable, very sophisticated "hello world" program, written in C or C++ and constituted by a main program, two internal modules (classes), one static and one shared library and one shellscript. All these sources exept the shellscript contain a full set of possible doxygen-comments. And this complex documented "Hello World" is already fully embedded into GNU autoconf/automake."
"Kazlib is a collection of program modules portably written in ANSI C. There is a dictionary module based on red-black trees, an extendible hashing module, and a system for emulating exception handling."

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